Are you looking for someone who can solve your stress, anxiety, depression without any medicines?

Arti Mittal - NLP Master Trainer Jaipur

Neuro refers to your neurology; Linguistic refers to language; programming refers to how that neural language functions.

Arti Mittal - Hypnotherapists Jaipur

Hypnotism is an art which can so change / control the mental state of a human being that he starts working according to the directions of the hypnotist.

Arti Mittal - Astrologer Jaipur

Astrology can be used on a personal level by an individual and on a bigger level for the betterment of society.


In today’s time more and more people are suffering with stress-related challenges and anxiety, depression, negativity, past life regression and bad habits have reached almost epidemic proportions, the use of hypnosis can be the answer for many people.

It is fast, effective solution. I also provide you the effective solutions to improve your Convincing Power, Negotiation Skill, Concentration, Professional Potentiality, Sixth Sense, Communication Skills, Self Control and Emotional effectiveness across all area of life. I also offer regular sessions for hypnotism, NLP & Astrology.

The Master Key of All Your Problems: Best Hypnotist, NPL Trainer, Astrologer in Jaipur - Arti Mittal

Hypnotist, Astrologer, NPL Trainer - Arti Mittal

Our Courses

Neuro Linguistic Programming Course in jaipur

Join Neuro Linguistic Programming course organized by certified NLP master Arti Mittal in Jaipur Practitioner training, workshop, course is guaranteed to help you understand a broad range of powerful skills that you can build self-discovery and personal development.

Hypnotherapy course in Jaipur

Hypnotist Arti Mittal organised training workshops, seminars and hypnotherapy courses in jaipur in order to empower people to maintain effective and lasting change in life and get rid of fear and anxiety, improve focus, concentration etc.

Astrology Course in Jaipur

Astrology Specialist Arti Mittal in Jaipur offer the training workshops & astrology courses. It helps to understand the connection between us & the cosmos.It relates human motivations & consciousness with the movements of planets and stars.