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About us - Arti Mittal


I am an astrologer, hypnotist, NLP expert. I combine hypnotism and astrology to help unblock repressed aspects of the personality as well as working on the links between your birth chart, karma and pre-birth experiences. I specialise in combining both astrology and hypnotism with the universal law to help clients develop a greater understanding of themselves and clear inner blocks that stand in the way of personal happiness and fulfilment.


Whether you are working to resolve emotional difficulties such as depression, phobias or working to develop greater self- confidence and belief, using astrology I can help you to see the root of the problem and then use hypnotism to clear it.

I also work as a past life regressionist and have a special interest in birth and pre-birth experiences. As an astrologer I can see where present problems are rooted in events that occur before life begins. As a hypnotist, I help clients heal any wounds that are rooted in the deep past. The most wonderful thing about working in this way is that clients see quick results and changes in their lives. I work with clients to teach them self-hypnosis so that they can manage their lives confidently and independently.

I am committed to assist you in using your own words and thoughts to develop focus and clarity. Through an exploration of ideas, techniques and practices I will serve as your coach, cheerleader and mascot so you can accomplish your goals and live your best possible life.My experiences have shown that everyone has, within them, the ability to create a balanced, joyful and fulfilling life and accomplish anything they set their mind to.