Top 10 Examples of Astrological Predictions that Came True

Top 10 Examples of Astrological Predictions that Came True

Astrology is a tool that uses experiences and natal charts to predict further events. Many people use astrology to mitigate their emotional, mental, financial, and physical suffering. Not just that, for some people astrology, it can help in devising their long-unsolved problems.

Astrology has always been an influential part of an individual’s life since ancient times. Astrologers were given immense respect during ancient and medieval times by the courts and counsels of kings. Here are some of the predictions made by renowned astrologers that came true. Read a few of them:

Top predictions that came true:

  1. Asita’s Prediction About Gautama Buddha:

Asita, A name that can be found in the Buddhist sources, he was a Hermit, a teacher and an advisor of Suddhodana (Indian King, leader of Shakya). Asita, also known as Kladevala or Kanhasiri  is well known for his prediction about the son of Suddhodana. At the time when little prince- Siddharth was born the hermit went to the King’s palace and met the little boy. He read the horoscope of the newborn and predicted that the little boy would become a great religious leader or would repudiate all his royal and luxurious life to become a Buddha-Awakened One. Years later the predictions became reality when the prince attained Nirvana(enlightenment), from that day the world recognizes him as Gautama Buddha.

  1. Alexander’s death prediction

During April, 323 BCE when the Great Alexandra entered Babylon with his armies, the famous astrologer named Chaldean warned Alexandra to not enter the city, as it would be fatal for him. He was then guided with directions by Chaldean to enter the city from the royal gate, but Alexander couldn’t obey the divine command- half knowingly and a half because it wasn’t possible at all to follow those particular directions by his armies. Even the astrologers tried their best to preclude the misfortune by replacing him with a common man to sit on the throne for the first time so that the bad omen takes up by him. Despite doing all these, On June 10, 323 BC, the Great Alexander died in Babylone and the prophecy became true by the Chaldeans.

  1. Varahamihira and King Vikramaditya:

Varahamihira was a great mathematician, astronomer, polymath and was working as a court astrologer in the Kingdom of King Yashodharman Vikramaditya of Malwa. The story goes like this- The king was blessed with a baby boy and Varahamihira made a prediction about the newly born boy that he would die because of a Boar or Varha at the age of 18 and no medicine or remedies will help him to survive. On hearing this ill fortune, the King made special arrangements for the prince to stay in a new palace with huge walls and thousands of elite guards and troops to protect him. But On the predicted day, despite all the safety and precautionary measurements, the royal prince was found dead on the terrace of the palace, later it was found that He had been hurt by an iron hoof which was of an artificial boar!!

The prediction came 100% true and it brought the honorary title of “Varha” to the Varahamihira- the great Astrologer of times.

  1. Humayun And Akhbar:

Humayun was the 2nd emperor of the Mughal Empire. He had a great interest in Astrology and natal chart reading. He even used to see his own horoscope. Having a good and deep knowledge of horoscopy, he once made a prediction about himself. He said that he if gets married to Hamida Bano Begum, they would be blessed with a son who would become a great king in the future. And there is no doubt to the prediction he made, the world, the history calls their son as “Akabar the great”- The King who brought huge religious and social reforms in medieval times.


  1. Queen Elizabeth I and Astrologer John Dee

John Dee was one of the sound scientists and mathematicians during the 16th century. Not just that, he was famously known for his astrological predictions. In 1555, princess Elizabeth was in house arrest because of some succession struggles going on. The princess then summoned John Dee asking him to tell whether she would be able to escape from the arrest or not. John Dee then predicted that not only Princess Elizabeth would survive the ordeal but also, she would be the next one to acquire the throne of England. Same as what John Dee predicted, in the year 1558 Elizabeth acquired the throne and as a token of gratitude, appointed John Dee as her astrological advisor during her reign.


  1. William Lilly and the great fire of London

William Lilly is another most renowned names among astrologers who have ever influenced the English History. William Lilly has published various astrological publications that are read even today, the best among them is Christian Astrology. During 1651, William Lilly distributed several pamphlets with the name Monarchy or No Monarchy in England which stated a number of woodcut illustrations and one illustration among them stated a city under fire. The same happened 15-year later in 1666 when the Great Fire of London affected almost 13200 houses and various churches as depicted by an illustration of Lilly.

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