Change Your Life With Meditation Retreat

Change Your Life With Meditation Retreat

All our life we are after something. As a child, we are after food, toys, or our mothers, or probably anything that intrigued us. Growing up running after something becomes a part of our nature. Either be it for success, money, relationship, materialistic comfort, or whatnot. That is not wrong as said a life with a goal or desire leads you forward. But in this quest of getting something or the other we are forgetting to live.

One thing that has become quite evident these days is that people who are successful are stressed and unfulfilled and those who do not have what they are struggling for, are already anxious and sad.

It’s like, we are all stuck in this vicious circle of LIFE.

  What is Mediation Retreat?

Meditation retreats have become quite popular among all generations. In this hectic yet so monotonous lifestyle, everybody craves for peace and tranquility. These mediation retreats can be really helpful in offering the guidance an individual might require to unplug all the worries, decompose the mental stress, and find peace in everything. These mediation retreat programs range in various time spans like you can join a program for one day or a couple of weeks. It completely depends on the time frame of the training program. All these mediation retreat programs are designed to let you feel fulfilled and happy with your lives and be a little closer to the state of OM.

The major driving force of these mediation retreat programs is to let you feel mindfulness by detaching your focus from the past and the future. Because past might be depressing or even toxic and clinging to all those bad chapters of life would give us nothing. The future in turn is anxiety-provoking. The mindfulness practices help us center all our focus towards the present moment.

How a Meditation Retreat can help you change your life?


Stops you from Overthinking: What can be better than controlling your own mind? Yes, mediation retreats would give you the strength to control your mind and hence your actions.


Lets you listen to your own self: Always remember, you are your best friend and a perfect guide. If you understand your inner-self, nothing can beat you in attaining peace and success hand in hand.


You learn to Focus: To fulfill your dreams, you need to be passionate and focussed. Meditation retreats help you in achieving present-centered focus.


You learn to empower your emotional self: When you know how to stay calm during heated situations, you are already master of your emotions. You start becoming calmer and composed of chill behavior.


You start following a routine: This is the most essential step in achieving any goal of your life.


You start feeling fulfilled: Through meditational practices, your mind becomes quiet relaxed and you start feeling happy with yourself.


Importance of Meditation and Yoga in our lives:

Meditation and yoga have been part of Indian living for as long as we can remember, it was part of the upbringing of children, it need not be taught separately. But we served our ties with it along the way and now these words have found their way back in our lives again. Meditation need not be the same for everyone. A person doesn’t need to forsake his lifestyle and live in hills away from all desires, no it’s the way to be joyous and blissful while achieving those desires. A person reading a newspaper next to you on the bus might be meditating.

Meditation is to find your path in the world that relaxes you and unburden you from all the pains and sorrows.

Doing yoga is a very popular and effective way of meditation. Various Yogasana like Hatha yoga shambhavi make us conscious about everything around and within us. Mediation gives what we try and fail to achieve from other joys of our life.

Meditation is not sitting with your eyes closed. But it has so many dimensions. Meditating is a natural process. It is the process of making your mind still and does not let it be your boss. Yoga aids in meditation and other things like astrology.

We often find ourselves slaving our desires to achieve something but alas no results; putting all that is required to be calm and at peace but nothing works. This might be simply because you might be on the wrong path.


Here astrology helps us. Our numerology, that is our birth dates, planets, and solar energies greatly affects us and is an important element in our life direction. Even after having everything at your hands, money, family, and respect still, you might not be at ease. It might be there is a regression on your soul which can be lifted with the proper guidance of an astrologer.

In such a scenario when you are just stuck at what to do and how to do; where to proceed and where are you lacking; when you do not have answers to your own questions; it’s time that you take help from astrologers. There are many astrology and meditation counselors and professionals who can guide you to a stress-free, fulfilled, and peaceful life. Astrology, Numerology, and birth charts are just another way that can be very helpful in narrowing down the causes of your strained life. Here at Arti Mittal astrology service, various services related to astrology are offered to those who seek guidance and counseling.

Meditation can turn your life into an easy process as growing of a plant or a river flowing peacefully.

Cure those areas of your life be it a career, business, or relationship by means of astrology and remove those obstacles stopping you from being meditative. Being meditative will increase your efficiency in other parts of your life. You become more productive, creative, and start to head towards the right path in the right direction.


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