How Does Hypnotherapy Work? & What are the Benefits?

How Does Hypnotherapy Work? & What are the Benefits?


Hypnotherapy, also termed as Hypnosis uses relaxation, deep concentration, and intense attention to gain a state of focus and awareness where the person’s concentration is so deep that he/she is unaware of anything around. The situation is a trance-like state of concentration and can be gained with the help of Hypnotherapists. In this state, the brain waves slow down which results in a relaxed body that makes the conscious mind sleep and awakes the unconscious mind of a person.

Why Hypnotherapy is used?

People usually reach out for Hypnotherapy to help themselves in dealing with a phobia, chronic pain, anxiety attacks caused by mental trauma like death of loved ones, or medical procedure like surgery, childbirth, etc. Also in some cases, Hypnosis is used to help people change some addictive habits or behavior like smoking addiction, weight loss, etc.

How do Hypnotherapy works?

It’s a common thing that we get distracted by our surroundings, it can be sound of the TV, kids playing around, your neighbor shouting, etc. Not only these external noises but your internal thoughts can also distract you like what to wear in a night party, the unpaid bills, kid’s incomplete home-work, it can be anything. From all these internal and external distractions we are unable to focus on our real problems.

Now in the Hypnotic state, a person’s body is completely relaxed and calm. The conscious mind gets into a sleeping state and the unconscious mind gets awaken which can intensely focus on life problems. The calm mind is more acceptable to face life issues and fears. The hypnotherapist reassures the person during the process that he/she is safe so that the person can face fear without panicking.

Benefits of Hypnotherapy

  1. Balances Your Sleep Cycle

Hypnotherapy helps people in getting deep and better sleep. People who cannot sleep well are suggested to listen to the hypnotic tape before going to bed. It helps them in calming their mind. Studies reveal that after listening to a Hypnotic tape people suffering from sleeping disorders can sleep peacefully.

The technique of Hypnosis is used as a way to calm the mind of a person who has trouble sleeping so that he/she can sleep better and have rest. Also, it is way more safe than taking sleeping pills, which might cause side effects.

  1. Keep Depression & Anxiety at bay

A mind becomes a home to negative thoughts when a person is suffering from depression. By using hypnotherapy on that person, the root cause of depression can be extracted and further suggestions and strategies can be provided to let the person come out from that depression.

Some people suffer anxiety a lot, the reason can be anything such as fear/phobia of something, or any past incident. Hypnosis helps to reduce the fear and anxiety. Also, Psychologists also use hypnotherapy for treating anxiety issues, fear, and phobias. In many cases, it helps change nervous habits such as nail-biting.

  1. Ease your Pain

Hypnosis is proved to be one of the basic ways of Pain Management. The chronic pain experienced after surgery, migraine or severe headache- everything may be cured with Hypnosis therapy. Also some chronic pains like Arthritis, sickle cell disease or cancer pains are also associated to be treated by hypnosis. The therapy lets you endure the pain with much self-control.


  1. Quit smoking

Surprised? Don’t be, cause hypnosis can act as a really good therapy to quit your addiction to smoking. You can plan your one-one sessions with Hypnotherapists who can help you control your addictive habit. The therapy works in 2 ways. First is to get you a replacement for smoking and direct your subconscious mind to believe that it is a good option than smoking. The second way can be to let your subconscious mind believe that smoking produces a bad impact on your health, or hypnotherapist can also associate smoking to produce undesirable effects like bad odor in your mouth, etc.


  1. Weight Loss


Yes, you heard it right. You can lose your weight effectively with hypnosis therapy sessions. The therapy would not act as your diet replacement but instead, it would work with your subconscious brain to reframe the mental barriers coming to your weight loss journey. Barriers can be your fear of exercising or habit of binge eating. Hypnotherapy has proved to be one of the best ways when coupled with diet & exercise for the best weight loss results.

Still confused about Hypnosis or how it works? You can contact us to answer all your unsolved puzzles. Contact us to schedule an appointment with our experts and talk to them about how hypnosis can help you with your problems. You can also request us for other relaxation therapies to boost your health and keep problems at bay. Stay tuned to Arti Mittal’s Blog & Official Page.

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