Importance of gemstones in Human life

Importance of gemstones in Human life


What are gemstones?

A gemstone is basically a mineral crystal that is cut and polished to make jewelry and other precious adornments. Gemstones are valuable rocks and also have astrological properties. Every gemstone governs a particular sign and planet which proves to be astrological solutions for various problems and to gain blessings and prosperity in life.

Gemstones are basically power backup for a weak planet of your birth chart or protection against any vengeful planet.

Where are gemstones found?

Gemstones are all naturally found in various physical habitats of earth most general is underground. Gemstones are a result of chemical reactions of minerals with water, air, and other chemicals. These gemstones can be from hard to soft.


When to wear which gemstones?

Gemstones can be suggested to worn at birth or a specific period according to the presence of any malefic planet in the birth chart. Though there are no rules against when to wear gemstones it should be done according to the suggestion of an experienced astrologer.

Gemstones affect a person’s every aspect of life and can cause either dreadful results or save from the malefic planets acting in that period.

The concept of wearing a gemstone is to cancel the negative effects of planetary motions with the positive energies of gemstones.


Which gemstone to wear?

Various different gemstones correspond to different planets and signs. So every gemstone is not apt for everyone to wear. Gemstones have a strong and powerful energy source which boosts the wearer’s energies, spirituality, and luck. Gemstones are also worn according to a particular context like financial stability, career, educational aspect, relationships, etc.

Gemstones should be worn only by recommendation and suggestion of astrologers according to your birth charts.

Artmittal gives a complete briefing on your birth charts and recommends the best suitable gemstones to wear.

Let’s look at the various gemstones and their properties.

All the nine planets are affiliated with different gemstones and correspond to the wearer if the planet is a ruling or malefic planet in his or her chart.

  1. Ruby or Manik

This is a red stone governed by the king of all planets i.e. Sun. Ruby stone is known to help the ascendant with low self-confidence. Ruby enhances a person’s leadership quality, social respect, and financial prosperity.


Ruby also helps with physical ailments related to bones, stomach, and gallbladder.

Ruby is such a powerful stone that it alters its color as a warning to some inauspicious future events.

  1. Pearl or Moti

Pearl as its appearance is affiliated with the moon. Moon gives peace, clarity, decision-making skills, prosperity, etc.

Moon is the lord of mind so someone with a strong moon in their birth chart can wear it to strengthen it further. Pearl will assist in every aspect of the ascendant’s life.

A wrong placed Moon can result in anger issues and restlessness. It also causes ascendant to lose focus and concentration problems among students.

Depression and anxiety also result in weak Moon.

Wearing a pearl in silver ring in the little finger of the right hand can help ascendant with all the issues posed by the weak Moon.


  1. Red coral stone or Moonga

Red stone is also found in the sea just like a pearl. Red coral help with the ill effects of Mars.  It also helps with low hemoglobin in the body. Red coral also cancels the malefic effects of Mars.

Red coral is known to calm the mind, enhance wealth, health, and parental relationship.


  1. Emerald stone of Panna

This green stone is one of the most powerful gemstones.

Emerald blesses the wearer with calmness, inspiration, intellect, financial stability, love, and communicational skills. This stone is a beneficial stone for students. It increases memory power and confidence.

Emerald’s green color is known to cure epilepsy.


  1. Yellow sapphire or Pukhraaj

Affiliated to Jupiter yellow sapphire is found in different colors. Yellow sapphires are especially important for girls in finding their dream man.

It also is known to help childless couples to bear. It also strengthens the religious belief of the wearer.


  1. Diamond or Heera

The most precious stone which is the epitome of beauty and love is governed by Venus.  The diamond is ruled by Lord Vishnu but there are conflicts over wearing a diamond. Either a diamond will flourish wearer’s life or will call upon troubles. So it should only be worn by the consultation of an astrologer.

But if in a befitting place diamond can give worldly possessions, joyous married life, career growth, and creative improvement.


Takeaway: –

Wearing a suitable gemstone according to your birth chart and requirement area a person experiences all the benefits he or she was looking for. A gemstone will give you benefits according to its properties but also according to your birth chart so do not forget to consult an astrologer in Jaipur beforehand.

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