Know All About the Future Through Indian Astrology

Know All About the Future Through Indian Astrology

The root of Astrology in India is deeper than one can think, it is the oldest form of Astrology known in this world from the Chinese and Western astrology system. Since ages, it is helping humankind for the betterment of life. Indian Astrology is considered to be different from all other astrology systems. It includes the study of celestial body positions at the time of an individual’s birth.

Indic Vedic astrology calculations are based on the position of sun, moon and other planets, it is a way through which astrologers predict glimpse of future events of a person’s life. Astrologers read their birth charts which are prepared at the time of a person’s birth.

The birth chart includes the day, date, time and celestial body positions at that particular time of birth. In the old times, it was believed that only stars influence the life of a person, but later Vedic astrology believed that not only stars but the zodiac sign and particular stars constellation also plays a major role in making astrology calculation.

The Indian Vedic Astrology system incorporates a total of 27 constellations, with 12 zodiac signs, 9 planets, and 12 houses. It is divided into subsections which are Siddhant Astrology, Hora Astrology and Mundake Astrology which are further divided into categories.

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How Vedic Astrology is more accurate than Western Astrology?


Although both the forms of Astrology uses Maths in their calculations, Vedic Astrology uses more. A whole load of complicated calculation goes in deriving the results out of Vedic astrology. But the fact isn’t just about numbers. Normal humans like you and me cannot work with numbers.

To give a practical reason, Western Astrology has a whole lot of numbers of being inaccurate than being right. On the other hand, Vedic Astrology has recorded numbers and reputations of being right about events predictions.

Indian Astrology is helping people from ancient time, today also many people believe in this and take consultation from astrologers. Astrologers are not future tellers, but they are more like a mentor who guides people by showing prediction about their life and give solutions to solve their troubles of life. Astrologers help people to solve their life problems and they do it by reading their natal charts based on birth date and time of birth. Notable astrologers are even able to predict the major upcoming life events, what sort of time you are going to face and much more.

Everybody wants their life to be perfect if someone is suffering too much in their life, they will look for help. Astrologer consultation can help you in those hard times. Only well-versed astrologers can do that, telling you the reason for your life problems and how to solve them. You can take guidance and consultation from some notable astrologers.

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Nowadays astrology has gained more popularity with its easy availability through the internet. Now you can book consultation appointments with astrologers online. The Kundali (Natal charts ) can also be prepared online with Kundali making software. The Internet has made it easy to get astrology calculations available to someone. Some websites even provide you free readings in beginning. If you do not have a natal chart then you can prepare for yourself online or from a recognized astrologer.

Astrology has one beautiful concept that helps you to keep your life in control. It’s not about telling the future all at once. If it could predict the future, why would anybody suffer then?

Astrology isn’t just about predicting your future, it is just a helping hand that lets you move smoothly in your life. Planets and celestial bodies do not control our life, they just influence it somehow, they make surrounding in a way that affects our life, That’s it. To understand the concept of Astrology, we at Arti Mittal are here to help you to know the effects and work accordingly.

The planets, the Sun, the Moon- they work in a way to make us realize that some changes are needed in our life. If you seeing a downfall in your performance at work or say unproductiveness in life that you are ignoring needs to be fixed, you can take the help of Vedic Astrology in that case.

Even the Astrologers believe that everybody is accountable for their own choices and actions. Astrology tells us why things went wrong and what other options you might have chosen to skip this bad phase of your life. Therefore if you are facing any problems and challenges in life which look unmanageable to you, it’s time that you consult an astrologer. It can be related to any aspect of your life, whether it is related to your education, career, love life, marriage, health problems, family issues or any other life problems. A well versed and knowledgeable Astrologer will help you with your all issues and you might get a solution too.

Take benefit from Astrology readings they are true as predictions made by astrologers are mostly correct, moreover one should always believe in his/her actions and ability. Because your willpower is something unbeatable.

Are you someone sick of dealing with underlying problems of your life?

Are you someone wondering about what future treasures for you?

Want to know when would you get your dream job or appraisal in your profession?

Wanna know how your love life would proceed in the future?

Worry not, we are here to answer all your puzzling problems. Vedic Astrology would help you for sure. Contact us anytime and fix a meeting with Astrologer in Jaipur,  Arti Mittal.

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