Sixth House of Horoscope and The Debt Problem

Sixth House of Horoscope and The Debt Problem

As soon as we are born, we all get tied to our destiny cycle and the horoscope reveals our destiny.

All the events in our life are ruled by the planets. In today’s time, where economic imbalance has become one of the main reasons of our day-to-day problems, another situation due to which most people remain worried and upset is “debt”, money loan whether taken in person or in the form of a government loan, both these situations pose a huge burden on a person.

Many a times, even without wanting, such circumstances arise wherein a person gets trapped in the vicious cycle of debt. Although in today’s time, most people take loans to fulfil their personal or professional tasks, but when these debts become persistent troubles for life or come back repeatedly, and then the reality is that it is due to some special planets in our horoscope.

The “Sixth House” in our horoscope is considered as the house of debt, that is, the debt situation is controlled by the sixth house of the horoscope in a person’s life.

When the owner of sixth house and sixth house of horoscope is suffering a lot, then the debt problems faced by the person come under the following categories like:

  • If there is a debilitated planet in the sixth house of the zodiac sign,
  • Conjunction of Dragon Head-Moon (Rahu-Chandra) in the sixth house or Grahan Yoga being formed by the union of Dragon head-Sun (Rahu-Surya),
  • Yoga of Dragon head-Mars (Rahu-Mangal) in the sixth house,
  • Guru-Chandaal Yoga is built in the sixth house,
  • If Saturn-Mars (Shani-Mangal) or Dragon Tail-Mars (Ketu-Mangal)are paired is in the sixth house,

When such sinful or cruel yogas are created in the sixth house of the horoscope, then the person is bothered to a great extent, and is also faced with setbacks in repayments. Moreover, it so happens when the lord of the sixth house is in a debilitated planet, is in the eighth and twelfth house, or is in a miserable state, then also it results in major debt issues. In addition, “Mars” has been considered a natural controlling planet of debt. Therefore, Mars also plays an important role in the horoscope.

So, if Mars in its low (debilitated) zodiac sign (Cancer) is sitting in the sixth and eighth house, or if is in agony in some other ways, the debt problem can take a bigger form as well.

Now if the influence of Directional Strength Jupiter (Bali Brihaspati) on the sin yoga created in the sixth house is being projected, even then the debt gets repaid after some struggle or the problem gets solved in some time. But the difficulty remains in the absence of Jupiter’s auspicious presence.

Higher the malefic planets in the sixth house, greater the problems will be. Thus, if the Sixth House of the horoscope is in immense suffering, one should be very cautious in taking loans in the first place.

Many a times, even if a person’s horoscope is good, one can face debt problems because of the conditions of malefic planets (Akarak grah) or transiting planets (Gochar grah) in the horoscope at that particular time due to which temporarily the person gets entangled in debt for that specific period. For example, the planetary periods of ungratifying Sastesh and Dwadhesh (favorable and unfavorable dashas) makes a person fall into the debt trap. Hence, given the different planetary positions and changing conditions in each person’s horoscope, only after a personalized thorough analysis can accurate astrological remedies for the ongoing debt troubles can be determined. There are few remedies that could be followed by anybody in general, but special measures can only be prescribed according to your birth chart.

Giving a simple and effective solution for: Earning is good but doesn’t last long in the house.

It is often heard that there is income in the house but the money does not last. Money is earned but does not stay for unknown or unexpected reasons. No matter how many efforts are being put innumerable times, there is no prosperity at home. If you are also troubled by such a problem, adopt the following remedy to get rid of it.

Put eleven leaves of Holy Basil along with two strands of saffron in a small raw batch of grains at your house and place them in the temple for a night. Next morning, mix that small batch placed in the temple with the entire lot of grains and get them ground, and then use it.

By implementing this religiously, your problem will soon be solved and prosperity and harmony will get established in the house too.

Even after putting in a lot of hard work, there is not enough money being gained. In Astrology, this is attributed to the presence of an inauspicious planet. There are many sure-fire remedies to remove the effects of inauspicious planets. To eliminate money related problems, pursue the following measures:

Offer 11 black urad grains, vermilion, jasmine oil, flowers and prasad every Tuesday and Saturday in any Hanuman temple. Also read Sundarkand Path or if there is lack of time, then recite Hanuman Chalisa. All types of sufferings and tribulations are destroyed by duly worshiping Lord Hanuman on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

In addition, the evil effects of Saturn in the horoscope also get nullified. By adopting this measure, positive results will be achieved in a few days. Be mindfulthat all the tasks are performed with purity and cleanliness. Stay away from any kind of irreligious deeds, respect your elders and other elders of the house, and try to keep them happy.

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