How Subconscious Mind Defines Our Purpose in Life?

How Subconscious Mind Defines Our Purpose in Life?


Astrology is a wonderful tool to show you the right path in life when you are facing difficulties. Astrology can help us in many ways to make our lives better. It even makes us understand ourselves better and helps in giving an insight into the past, future, and present.

We have seen how the position of our planets affects almost everything in our life. Astrology can help you in every aspect of your life be it Family problems, Relationship problems, Business problems and so on. There are a lot of astrologers out there who can guide you.

But there are not many who can tell you your hidden talents, what you Subconscious desires and can make you deduce the purpose of your life?

Here I am to help you with all inner doubts of your soul. My Career Counseling Through Astrology is something that not every other Astrologer can help you with. Hypnotherapy and healing are other major areas that I focus upon.

 How does our subconscious mind work?

Our conscious mind works only 1%. If a learn a new activity, we learn it by our conscious mind. Isn’t it interesting to think that our subconscious is left to do so much work? If our subconscious decides something, then it is bound to happen.

But how do we listen to this voice of our subconscious?

For instance, if a child wants to choose a profession, some of the options which are in his mind to go for are because of what he has heard from his parents, friends, and society. But what is it that his subconsciousness is desiring?

How to get that voice out of his subconscious mind? Who could get THAT subconscious voice out of you so that you can make the best of your life?

Parents and children and anyone who is still confused about what their subconscious wants, our expert astrologer is here to help you.

Why our soul is here?

Ever wondered why we took birth in this time?

If we elaborate that question it can be, why are we born here in this family, in a particular country, with a particular set of friends? Why do some people come for a short period in our lives? Why are we chasing some people? We are attracted to certain energy. Why are we attracted to this particular aura? The questions are Innumerable but answers are difficult to find.

To conclude it all, We have taken birth here because of our Unfulfilled desires. Desires of the past birth, desires which were meant to be fulfilled by some other person of the same spirit. Scientifically speaking, Energy can neither be created nor be destroyed. The same applies to us mortals as well. Our subconscious never dies. We just take birth from one to another according to our deeds. We are always desiring something because we have some past work left that our conscious mind is not aware of.

I can help you with past life regression and much more related to your past birth. Just imagine, you know your past birth desires and how easy would it define your goals and achieve them.

Talent or Hobby?

Most of us do not realize whether the profession that we are pursuing is a result of our talent or hobby. Most of the people who go on to carve out a profession out of their hobbies, in which they are not even at their best, become least satisfied with their lives. There was no one to tell them what they were talented in.

Our astrologer is here to help you in finding your talent and making the best out of their lives.

What is your Purpose and how you decide?

What is your purpose in your life? For one person it may be a passion that inspires him to live his life.

How some people are passionate about traveling, that they are ready to leave everything behind! When you ask such people they would say this voice inside them tells them to follow a certain passion. Some other people can say it is the love of a person which gives them hope.

These are all conscious answers, but the real answer to our purpose in our life is known by our Subconscious.

Through the therapy course, all answers to your subconscious can be found out.

How to achieve your goals?

When we set goals, we usually want to give our best in achieving them. Astrology can determine the most likely time in one’s life where it will be most suitable to work upon your goals. How the position of planets is going to be? Sometimes it is not so much the goal we struggle over, but the journey to attain it.

Astrology tells us how to best achieve the goal given our talents, and when to move forward, when to stop and observe, and when to work towards it again.

This was all the role of planets but what can be done on our part? Our astrologer would hold a workshop on SELF PLAN & TIME MANAGEMENT. What after realizing your purpose? One needs to know how to achieve them and how to work on them effectively. Our astrologer would help you in clearing your every doubt & every problem in this workshop.


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