Succeed Houses in Astrology – know the importance

Succeed Houses in Astrology – know the importance

Astrology in its basic nature is mathematics and science of planets and stars. Astrological horoscopes are divided into four different quadrants that house the zodiac signs within themselves.

Further, these quadrants are divided into three sections. This division is based on the position of the house during its cycling around other houses.

Each quadrant has three houses which are ruled by different zodiac signs.

Angular house is the first one followed by the succedent house and at last cadent house (last house of each quadrant).

The most powerful houses are of the angular house followed by succedent and the least powerful cadent house. Cadent houses are the houses numbered 3, 6, 9, and 12. These astrological houses depict us about how we maintain what has once started in the angular house.

Here we are discussing a succedent house.

The succedent house includes houses with the following numbers; 2, 5, 8, and 11. These houses are ruled by Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius.

Succedent houses are stable, steady, unchanging, and satisfied with what they have. Though not as powerful as the angular houses, succedent houses have traits pertaining to angular houses more like a representative of a powerful person. One succedent house does have a malefic or unfortunate inkling. On the whole succedent houses are productive.

Let’s see the characteristics of an individual house.

  • Second house

It generally signifies the possessions of the person or a particular event for which an astrological chart was created. In Vedic astrology, it is seen as dhan bhava. Jupiter naturally signifies the second house. The modern astrologers who use the concept of natural houses believe Taurus to be a correspondent of the second house. Traditional astrologers do not believe in such a connection. This house tells about the material possessions of the person. It does not end at wealth but also indicates towards your family. It can predict one’s familial relations. It governs your sibling relations. It also predicts a person’s sensitivity to value things. 2nd house emphasizes on our survival and we need skills to keep our full of money. Hence, the 2nd house also governs our skills and talents.

How able one will be at making money is also determined by the second house. Is your verbal expression strong or weak is also indicated by this house.

The second house also forms the base for your self-respect, self-confidence, and awareness. Food and other preferences are also determined by this house.

This house also deters emotions and habits particularly bad.

yes, nose and mouth are associated with this second house. A positive second house gives happiness in life.


  • Fifth house

It is again signified by Jupiter. Leo is the associate of the house. This house signifies progeny and referred to as Putra bhava. The fifth house determines a person’s childbearing abilities. Also the possible number of children a person will have and their health.

The artistic and creative nature is governed by this house. 5th houses govern the pleasure and creativity of a person. This house is related to the source of love, emotions, and passion of an individual. The house is also concerned about Hobbies, parties, holidays, and all forms of entertainment. A person’s self-expression, intelligence, and rationalization are determined by this house. Modern astrologers relate this house to sexual relationships.

Ancients believed this house to be of good fortune and a positive and beneficial house. It was also believed that Venus; the fortunate planet overjoyed and ruled here.

The fifth house is also a determiner of sports and physical activity inclination of a person. Not just that, the 5th house is also concerned with risk-taking, and love before marriage, etc.

Dharmic nature i.e. righteousness and spiritual knowledge is also determined by this house. Body parts associated with this house are stomach, pancreas, and spine.


  • Eighth house

With the house being the 8th one, the 8th zodiac sign, Scorpio is associated with the house. With Saturn as the signifying planet, this house is the unfortunate house of succedent group. This conclusion is derived from the lack of relationships of the eighth house with others. It rather has tenuous relationships with others. It is also called ‘idle’ due to its lack of power. It was also believed by traditionalists that this house is related to death.

Death does not always refer to something negative. This house is also known to be a house of inheritance, possessions, and gifts from death.

Dark deep desires are governed by this house. Bad placement of planets in this house causes consequences like depression, emotional discomfort, and low mindset.

The unique areas governed by this house are immunity and diseases. It also tells about a person’s passion, goals, and ambition.

It can also be the cause of disinterest in the materialistic world and interest towards Moksha if a benefic planet is associated with this house.

The eighth house is associated with sexual organs and colon.


  • Eleventh

Aquarius is associate and Jupiter the signifier of this house. The house of profit or Labha Bhava according to Vedic astrology is the eleventh house. This house is concerned with the career or future. This house is of hopes, aspirations, desires, and expectations. It is the house to fulfill desires.  Materialistic abundance and worldly gifts are denoted by this house with Jupiter; the most beneficial planet as its joy ground. The eleventh house tells about a person’s hopes, desires, and characteristic attributes. Wealth and abundance in a person’s life are denoted by this house.

This house brings opportunities and purpose to life.

The eleventh house also determines if a person is an extrovert or introvert. Your innate nature to find people attracted to you is governed by this house. Person’s workgroups, associations, and denoting friendships are determined by this house.

Your friends and peers are related to this house. This house is called the house of groups. It governs your formal, work, and friendly relationships. The body parts associated with the eleventh house is calf muscles and ankles.

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